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Use ADALM1000 to record 30 seconds length of data

Question asked by xion on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Eugene.77

Hi, Dave and all ADALM1K experts,


I plan to use adalm1000 as DQA device. 

The board has fixed sample rate of 100k SPS, with buffer size about 100k records, the total length of data is 1 second. 

I wonder what is the best way to pull out the data of the board continuously and reliably with minimum effort. The Application I would like to apply would have up to 30 seconds duration. 

I also like to display/replay the whole length of data with ALICE.

Another question is about time stamps. I wonder if I can add accurate time stamp along with Voltage record on CA and CB, e.g. by using of RTC on the ATSAM3U1C

I understand the current data record is indexed with fixed time interval of 10 microseconds, based on 100k SPS of the ADC. 

I am new to Python, any example would be helpful.