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Initialization issues for the AD9371 no-os code

Question asked by why2 on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by sripad

I'm trying to setup the no-os code for the AD9371.
For both HDL code and SDK code, I used "2016_r2" version. And three myk related files have been attached below.


Then, I'm getting the following on the console:

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WARNING: AD9528_initialize() issues. Possible cause: REF_CLK not connected.
MCS failed
CLKPLL locked
AD9371 ARM version 4.0.6
PLLs not locked (0x0)


(1) It's true that I didn't connect to an external reference clk to AD9371 board. Is this the reason to cause the failure of MCS and PLLs?
If I don't want to use external reference clks, how to modify the code?

(2) for MCS and PLLs, is there any suggestion to solve the problem?
I tried to call more SYSREF pulses using "AD9528_requestSysref(clockAD9528_device, 1);", but the second MCS call always returning back "mcsStatus = 0x00".

Thank you a lot!