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[LTE, 15MHz ]LTE15.mat and

Question asked by ENGINEER on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by travisfcollins


    I am using latest Osc GUI.


1. I am using ADI 9361 FMC Card FMCOMMS3.

2. When i am using LTE15.Mat and, the signal is NOT correct on spectrum analyzer and also modulation analysis.

3. looks like i have to use LTE15.Mat and combination to get the correct waveform and this also produces correct constellation on modulation analysis.

4. From signal processing, i understand the possibility of 15mhz signal generation with 20mhz rate [clock rate and sampling and fir filters] and also receiving 15mhz signal on 20mhz rate [and further decimation filters].

5. my question is, is there any specific reason why ADI went with 15mhz.mat [iq vector] file with 20mhz config settings [fir filter coeffcients and 30.72 Msps Sampling rate] ?