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AD9957 can not output signal at 1Ghz external clock and some about spi

Question asked by Wmeng on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by KennyG


      I use 1Ghz external clock to driven AD9957,but it couldn't work。So i read the spi return data to check whether the data i write to the confirm regisrer is right (use 3-wire programming,signle tone mode) but the sdo is always high. I check the sync_clk and pdclk,there are still low.Is that mains the chips is broken? i examine the voltage of pin, is all right.

      The register i'm confirmed :

      cfr1: 01 00 00 02

      cfr2: 00 40 08 10 

      cfr3: 17 39 40 00

      profile0: 00FF 0000 2E14 7AE1

      I send I/O UPDATE after sending all register data,is this the reason that the register couldn't wirte?