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ADIS16488 Drawing Only .077A

Question asked by neilk on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by neilk

I'm using an ADIS16488 on the SA16375 IMU Breakout Board. Regardless of whether I connect or don't connect the SPI pins to my processor, the IMU is only drawing .077A from the external power source it is hooked up to. If I use the EVAL-ADIS2 eval board and the IMU evaluations software, it always works. The odd thing is that sometimes it randomly starts working when connected to my processor and draws the correct .3 A from the power source and responds to the SPI master inputs. So I don't think its a software or wiring problem, but I really have no idea what it is. Has anyone encountered this problem or know the solution?


Is it possible to get driver code for the ADIS16488 in C? I've attached the driver code that I'm using.


Here are links to datasheets to the hardware/sensors I'm using:


ADIS 16488: 

SA16375: ADIS16IMU1/PCBZ Breakout Board Wiki-Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] 

EVAL-ADIS2: EVAL-ADIS2 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices