ADAU 1450 I2S and GPIO output issues

Discussion created by inshade on Jun 6, 2017
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I'm currently working on system based on ADAU1450, it's my own hardware design board. 

ADAU is working - I can communicate through SPI, write a program (using NumBytes and TxBuffer files generated by SigmaStudio) and read memory using microcontroller. The clocks (MCLK output, LRCLKs, BCLKs) are present at outputs after flashing DSP program. The thing is I can't output anything at serial audio ports.


For example, I set in register controls that SDATA_OUT0 acts as LRCLK, BCLK master, with 2 channel TDM. 

Then I put Sources>Oscilators>Sine Tone block and fed it to the output channels 0 and 1, where SDATA_OUT0 in 2 ch TDM should be. The problem is SDATA_OUT0 pin stays low for whole time.


As in attached project I tried some DC output for SDATA_OUT1, white noise for SDATA_OUT2 - either doesn't work and stays low for whole time. Am I missing something? I want to communicate with external audio codec's DAC.


Also, I tried to source GPIO output - it doesn't respond to any block, only to MP7 Write register in SigmaStudio MULTIPURPOSE/AUXADC tab in hardware configuration can change it's output. When I link DC block to GPIO output it looks like DC block is completely ignored, whether it's set to 0 or anything non-zero.

The question is - where am I making mistakes? None of SDATA_OUT pins are pulled-up or pulled-down externally.