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Input line (+,-), Output line (+,-) on ADL 5391

Question asked by saeam1 on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by jdobler

Hi, I will use ADL 5391 for application of analog multiplier. First, a pair of three pairs of input lines of ADL5391, Must XP(X PLUS)  and XM (X MINUS) be connected using a resistor outside of ADL5391 OR not connected ?
According to Fig 12. basic multiplier connections of 'AD633JN' datasheet,
the input line of XP placed on outside of AD633JN is separated with XM.

Is following basic multiplier connections of 'AD633JN' datasheet is right ?
Second, The two output lines outside of ADL5391, Must WP(W PLUS) be
separated with WM(W MINUS) OR
not separated ?
Third, Must the three pins of VMID, ENBL and GADJ placed outside of ADL5391 be connected to each other  outside of ADL5391 OR not connected ?
Thank you.