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Ref Clk still expecting 30.72MHz despite profile configured for 122.88MHz

Question asked by Exray on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Jane-yi

RadioVerse 2.062
ADI's no-os for AD9371 up to date


For the last month, I was using a generator to supply 30.72MHz to Ref Clk on the ADRV9371. For trying to track down a Tx transmit issue, I decided to configure 122.88MHz for Ref Clk.  


In RadioVerse, if I go to program the ZC706 with a setting of 122.88MHz and have 122.88MHz signal connected, it programs successfully and I get two green PLL status LEDS on the ADRV9371.


But if I still have 30.72MHz connected, I will get a pop up warning "AD9528 Clock not Syncronized. Please check the setup and refer to quickstart guide for extra information". So this is working as expected in RadioVerse.


With the Ref A configured for 122.88MHz as per RadioVerse, generating the c script changes just one value from 3072000 to 122800000 in the c file myk_ad9528init.c vs when RadioVerse was configured for 30.72MHz.


When running the no-os application, the PLL status2 only turns green if 30.72MHz is applied, EVEN WHEN REF A IS CONFIGURED FOR 122.88MHz. If I supply 122.88MHz, status2 doesn't turn green (status1 stays green). I can see tones on the analyzer slightly off frequency until I change the signal generator from 122.88MHz to 30.72MHz and see the tones snap into expected frequency.


This is a case where RadioVerse appears to do it properly and no-os doesn't.  Sounds like the clock generation initialization when done by RadioVerse is different than when no-os does it.