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Failures after the ADL5304 package change

Question asked by othane on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by othane

Hi, we have been manufacturing a product using the ADL5304 IC for several years. Suddenly we have seen a much higher rate of failure on the production line than previously. The failure looks like extra current leakage away from the collector (INUM), ie the product cannot measure currents much below several nA as the input current seen by the ADL5304 seems to fall below 0 and the VLOG output rails to 80mV.


Investigating this and comparing previous versions of the design we have noticed the package has changed slightly, on the left below is the old package that we have not seen any problems with, on the right is the new package we have recently started receiving from contract manufacture, these boards seem to see much more leakage than before.

old package on functional boadnew package on board with leakage


It is possible the leakage is coming from some other part of the circuit, but this is the only obvious difference I seen so far between the working and failing units. Can you please tell me if the package change is legitimate? ... if so when the change was made? ... also are there any precautions that need to be made with this new package?


Any other advise on tracking down this leakage would be helpful too as it is causing large delays in our production line.