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AD9361 transmit my own samples

Question asked by RicardoSRL on Jun 5, 2017
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I'm trying to get a PicoZed SDR to transmit samples generated by me.

I downloaded the reference design of the PicoZed SDR from the git repository site of the analog. I also downloaded the No-OS software. Through the No-OS software, I can generate a signal at a desired frequency. What I intended now was modulate my samples instead of modulating this signal.

In Vivado (In the block desing) there is a block of the AD9361 and with  IQ pins and is these are connected to a FIFO.

I turned off Fifo's inputs and plugged them into my system where my samples are generated. I compiled, programmed the FPGA but the AD9361 continues to transmit the signal it transmitted before the system was changed by me.


I have little experience with FPGA, I only started working with them a few months ago but I think in this case there is a registry that allows to change the signal that is being transmitted to my samples that are entering on  the IQ ports in AD9361. However I can not find. Can someone point me in the right direction? Maybe I'm even thinking badly and the problem is not what I'm thinking, but right now I'm out of ideas.


Thank you for you're time.


ad9361; picozedsdr