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Gain index management in Slow AGC Split Table mode

Question asked by christiandb on Jun 5, 2017
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I've gone through this discussion and something is still unclear to me AD9364 AGC with the split table and phase tracking with dual receivers. In fact, I think the OP had the exact same question and somehow managed to get what he was looking for. In Slow AGC, Split Table mode, I understand that the two pointers (for LMT and LPF) are managed independently by the chip. I just don't understand how are they increased when the chip gets out of overload. For example, say that a few LMT overloads brought the LMT pointer to index 35. In the figure below, it would point to a line somewhere in the upper LMT Table half because the LMT Index Limit is set to 28. Then a few ADC overloads occured and so the LPF Gain is now say at index 20, which is somewhere near the top of the LPF Table. We then have two pointers each pointing somewhere in their own assigned table.

What happens then if the signal falls below one of the low thresholds? Which one of the LPF Gain or LMT pointer is increased?