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ADV7511K HDMI no video output

Question asked by jomanleung on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by GuenterL

Dear ADI engeer:

    I use  ADV7511 to change YUV Video signal to HDMI LCD display,.but it has no video output

I have several questions about ADV7511:

   1. Input video is 1280X1080@ot0fps,without DE。Using I2C to detect 0x42, value is 0xF0,0x9E[4] is 0x1.That means PLL is locked.Bebore I set 0x41 to 0x1,TMDS pins only high level. After setting, wave can be detected,but still no video output。0x3E always is 0.Does it suport 1280X1080@30fps?

2.How to set DE with 0x17[0] and 0x35-0x3A?。 

3.Rx need to pull up TMDS after plug HDMI?50 ohm?


Please help.Thank you.