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AD8368 decl & hpfl pins

Question asked by ljjones on Oct 10, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by ljjones

Why does the AD8368 have three DECL pins?  The spec sheet talks about a high-pass knee based on the total capacitance on all DECL pins.  Are the pins interchangeable  and internally connected?  The applications section has a table of recommended eval board C4 and C20 values, based on input frequency, on two of the DECL pins with wildly different recommended values for each pin.  The third DECL pin has an extremely small (5pF) capacitor to ground.  This would suggest that all DECL pins are not equal and connect to different points of the internal circuit.  Does anyone know what each DECL pin connects to internally, what internal function it affects, and how this relates to the discussion of high-pass knee?