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BF518 - is the PTPd demo directly usable as master?

Question asked by AndyYan on Jun 2, 2017
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For BF518, VDSP includes an IEEE1588 implementation "PTPd" under its Examples. The readme file states that it's supposed to run on the BF518 hardware as a slave clock and the accompanying Win32 application running on a PC as master. However, recently I got hands on another piece of BF518 board, and want to observe synchronization between two boards, thus one should be master while other should be slave.

I could run the demo in slave mode (rtOpts.slaveOnly = true) on both boards and they both synchronize with the PC well, meaning that they could issue messages themselves (the issued message can also be seen in Wireshark), but when I appoint them to run in master mode (rtOpts.slaveOnly = false), they do attempt to issue messages (executing functions such as issueSync()), but none can be seen actually sent (as in Wireshark). I've analyzed the demo and so far can't find anything that sticks out.

Is the demo actually usable in master mode? If yes, what could be preventing it from sending messages in master mode but not in slave mode?