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ADXL355 will cause leak current when turn off power?

Question asked by takashima.i54 on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by takashima.i54

We will use ADXL355 and ADXL362 for Structure Health Monitoring application.

We want to get sensor data from ADXL355 only when ADXL362 detect shock or vibration.

Therefore ADXL362 is always on, but we want to turn off the ADXL355 power supply until ADXL362 detect sock or vibration.

Currently we want to connect ADXL362 and ADXL355 to same SPI signals(SCLK, MISO, MOSI), then we afraid that leak current on the SPI and INTx signals when turn off the ADXL355 power (both Vsupply and Vddio).

For detail, please see below.


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