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AD632 used as analog divider.  Effect of using +-Vs = +-12V ?

Question asked by TTT on Jun 1, 2017
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This chip seems to fulfil all of my needs, but providing +-15V is turning out to require a lot of redesign on the rest of my system which I would rather not do.  From the datasheet, I can see min +-Vs=+-8V.  I can also see that the output swing at +-Vs=+-15V is only +-11V, so perhaps one might lose some output swing (to +-8V?).


If this is the only thing that happens, then I am fine with it, but I want to check to make sure that


1.  the "reference" in the block diagram still functions at +-Vs=+-12V.  i.e. that the accuracy will be roughly similar.

2.  the thermal accuracy coefficient remains roughly the same.  I do not really care about the absolute accuracy.  I only care about the thermal stability.  I would like the divider to give a consistent result over time, given the same inputs.