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ADE9000 questions

Question asked by Jake01 on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by casc_pq


I fabricated ADE9000 board and test it now.

But, We faced some problems and questions as below.

You may need more information in regard to this question.

If so, please give me e-mail address or other way to send.

Test condition

 - Input : VAP, VAN, IAP, IAN

 - Voltage : 220V

 - Current : 4.6A(Max)

 -  Calibration is done with ADE9000 calibration tool

 - Measuring single phase power


Q1.  After calibration, We floated both VAP/VAN, IAP/IAN. And then register values are not zero.

If I translate the registers, AVRMS = 2.3V, AIRMS = 0.012A, AWATT = 0.66W

When I input 220V & over 1A, Results are good.

Could anyone help me why those values are not zero?


Q2. Can I use ADE9000 for 1ch Volatge and 6ch current sensing like below?

VAP, VAN : Voltage measure

IAP,IAN / IBP,IBN / ICP,ICN / INP,INN : Current Channel x 4

VBP, VBN / VCP, VCN : Current Channel x 2


If need more information, please let me know