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AD9914 .dll with python

Question asked by matangk on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by JLKeip


For my application, I need to control AD9914 Eval. board automatically. I looked around the forum and found a python example that utilizes the Eval. software .dll to write serial data to the Eval. board via python. It looks OK. I had to make minor modifications in device initialization and library usage to make it work:

1. Added initialization parameters for USB device vid, pid.

2. I Had a problem to install gmpy so I used gmpy2, and changed gmpy.mpf->gmpy2.mpfr.


The only annoyance is that it seems that this is a 32bit .dll and therefore, even though runs fine as a 32bit process in a 64bit windows installation, cannot be loaded by 64bit python environments. Therefore I had to:

3. Set a new 32bit Python (3.5) environment to use the .dll


Is there a way to convert /get a hold of a 64bit .dll? I would be very happy to use AD9914 in my regular python environment and do not want to resort to programming via Arduino (additional development time, waste of resources).


Any assistance will be much appreciated,