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AD8418/A vs AD8210

Question asked by razavimday on May 31, 2017
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2 questions about AD8418 family,


1. which P/N is recommended for new design AD8418 or AD8418A? We see our engineer do some improvement on AD8418A for timing parameter. Could you help us to check the difference between AD8418 and AD8418A?


2.due to cost and performance we upgrade P/N from AD8210 to AD8418A (SO-8, p2p) 

the below show a application about AD8210 and AD8418A in Splitting an External Reference mode


They share same hardware and software, only change to Current sensing chip from (AD8210->AD8418A)

we test U/V phase in the Lab, shunt res =3m ohm, motor control project, Could you help us to check the envelope line for this application? Thank you very much.



1.U/V phase with AD8418A one is AD8418A, the blue one is AD8210


3.U/V phase with AD8210