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What to buy?

Question asked by JFerreira on Oct 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by Nabeel

Hello all.


I am designing an instrumentation board that will read 8 accelerometers at 1 KHz and a 12 to 16 bits resolution. It will probably have to ready other sensors like thermocouples. My main concern is to choose a processor that is able to read this kind of data process it and than save it or transmit it to other devices.


I am looking to several devices one that call my attention was the Concerto from Texas Instruments. I am now looking for a similar product to ( but based on a ADI processor. I've seen that Blackfin is really interesting but I do need a starter or development kit. Can you help me on this? Do you think that Blackfin is indeed a good choice or do you want to advise other ADI processor?


Thanks in advance.



João Ferreira