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Impedance Transformers at AD9371 RF ports

Question asked by Seruvankai on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by sripad


From the data sheet of AD9371 it is mentioned that the differential impedance for 

a) TX is 50 Ohms

b) Rx is 200 Ohms

c) ORx is 200 Ohms

d) SnRx is 400 Ohms.


In the schematic associated with the "AD9371_Design_File_Package" it is seeing that

a) 1:1 Transformer (NCS1-292+) is used 

b) 1:4 Transformer (BD0826J50200AHF) is used in RX

c) 1:1 Transformer (B0322J5050AHF) is used in ORx

d) 1:4 Transformer (2450BL15B200E) is used in SnRx


Why there is a difference for the case of TX,ORx and SnRx?