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iio+zcu102 bootup gets stuck in clk_set_rate

Question asked by ENGINEER on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by ENGINEER

Hi ADI Team,

    1. i have migrated the code from ADI linux to petalinux 2016.2 few months ago.

    2. i shelved the boot getting stuck issue [fix was restarting the board], now its back on burner.

    3. i traced the code and it gets stuck at this 


ad9361_probe----calls----> ad9361_setup(phy); ----calls----> ad9361_set_trx_clock_chain(phy, pd->rx_path_clks,
pd->tx_path_clks); -----calls----->ret = clk_set_rate(phy->clks[BBPLL_CLK], rx_path_clks[BBPLL_FREQ]);

ret = clk_set_rate(phy->clks[BBPLL_CLK], rx_path_clks[BBPLL_FREQ]);

can you please throw some light on potential issues which can cause the code go to stuck within that function.


i have ensured following: - 

1. Same dts changes of ad9361 works with adi linux.[no boot getting stuck]

2. when it boots up perfectly, it works perfectly with iiod and osc [no issues there]

3. ensured all other DMAs/DMA tests are NOT enabled in config.

4. proper tx and rx path rates and they are proper before clk_set_rate function call.