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libiio slow reading without buffer

Question asked by ycdtosa on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by mhennerich

Low-speed reading of device.

This is mostly a libiio question.


I have a iio adc connected via SPI to a beaglebone.

The DTS is working fine, and i can read the data in the iio:device0 tree.

( all the channels are in fact enabled

and reading from the corresponding in_voltage0_raw entries will give me the data i want )


However, when i try to read the data programmatically or even using iio_readev

i always get the same result.


iio_device_create_buffer() fails...


and it does so because iio_device_get_sample_size() always returns Zero, and this might be because after running iio_channel_enable (which might do nothing even if it does not have a return value) when i query if the channel is enabled (iio_channel_is_enabled) i find that it is in fact not enabled.


This is mostly because the driver i am using does not have any scan-elements attributes, and it might have an incomplete implementation of the industrial iio requirements.


I have read that there was a Low-speed reading mode implemented in libiio.

Are these still available through the API?


Is there any way i can read from the device without using a buffer?


Thanks in advance.