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AD9371 + ZC706 eval board bring up

Question asked by abhaykumar on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by sripad

We are trying to bring up the board ZC706 + AD9371 Eval board.

We have programmed SD cards. 


There are three scenarios on the Boot up we are seeing with this board.

  1. It is not at all programming INIT LED is RED when powered on and tried with lots of power recycle.
  2. In some power recycles it is not even programming but INIT LED Stays in Green, no response on DONE LED. Don’t know what is happening with board.
  3. In some power recycles two times in 100 power recycle. It gets programmed and the GPIO LEDs will blink in sequence. In this condition the Ethernet port is switching between connect/disconnect and serial will come up and will hang in the middle.
  4. It is very rarely comes up and Ubuntu loads in many power cycle or PS POR, and it gets connected with "AD9371 Transceiver Evaluation Software"

Has anyone faced this type of scenario? Log from serial (Tera Term) is attached.

We are using

to create sd card and setup is connected with windows10 PC.