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ADAU1452 SPI self-boot memory write failure on EVA board.

Question asked by 1701dsp on May 29, 2017
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ADAU1452 SPI self-boot memory write failure on EVA board.

I find on the EVA board I can download a very small circuit and then write and verify that circuit to the SPI self-boot memory delta-sigma tools "write/check compilation through DSP" with no problem using 3.13 delta-sigma tools.

The EVA board will then self-boot from SPI memory and operate correctly.


What I have noticed is as the size of my circuit has grown a little it will download and operate fine on the EVA ADAU1452 using delta-sigma tools but if I try to write the design to self-boot memory using "write/check compilation through DSP" a problem occurs.

When written to self-boot memory the software reports the device was erased and written without error.

When I try to verify the the write with the self-boot memory with "SPI, check compilation through DSP" option the delta-sigma tools report a verify failure on the first byte.

The board will not self-boot the slightly larger program after the verify failure.

I checked the compiler report and this larger program is still using only about 1/10 of available memory so I do not believe there is any space issue.

The SPI setting in the design and on delta-sigma tools are exactly as shown in the EVAL manual..

Any suggestions on this?