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Using temperature sensor ADE7912

Question asked by gschwlm on May 29, 2017
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we are currently working on energy metering application using the ADE7912.

We are not using any energy metering IC and we are performing the calculation on our uC to meet some special demands e. g. measureing dc and ac power without changing the application after finishing it.

Now to my question:

I wondered what the temperature sensor could be used for.

Unfortunately i couldn't think of any possibiltiy to compensate the temperature drift of the gain and offset of the ADE7912, since the gain drift and the offset drift is only specified cumalative. This means to me that it can't be said how much ppm/°C the gain or offset drifts ( -> temperature sensor information doesn't help here).

After looking in the ADE7879 datasheet, i saw that the temperature sensor values are used to measure the temperature of the air (page 38, Isn't it measuring the chip temperature?) and the influence of the air on the resistor-value. I can't really imagine how this could work since the biggest influence on the resistorvalue should be cause by the heating of the current ( at least in our application: 3A, 5mOhm) and most the heating energy is going away through the PCB (said to be about 90% in the datasheet of our shunt).

I hope you can roughly understand what bites me at this topic.


Are there any other possible ways of compensating the ADE7912 energy metering application over temperature?

And what are other possible ways of using the temperature sensor?


Many thanks in advance


Nick P.