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Questions about a Guad Amplifier function in AD5522

Question asked by Se-woong on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by thomas.abiog



My customer wants to use a Guard amplifier in AD5522, so they are asking about a Guad Amplifier function.

Please refer below questions and let me know your opinions.


Q1) What is the gain value of Guard amplifier in AD5522?


Q2) What is the difference between using guard amplifier and disabling guard amplifier (on and off of sw16 in AD5522)?

       (Performance, Shielding, Purpose of using Guard Amplifier, Benefie of using Guard Amplifier and etc)

        2-1) In case of using DC signal at DUT,

        2-2) In case of using AC signal at DUT,

Q3) My customer have some noise issue at 5uA measurement.

       Would you suggest any opinions about avoiding this noise issue?


Please advise me.