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AD5252 no output reflected on wiper terminal

Question asked by Lingaraj on May 29, 2017
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                 I'm trying to interface AD5252 B1(1 K) variant chip to replace a mechanical potentio-meter. I'm Using I2C to interface AD5252 with a controller. I can able to read & write using I2C on the AD5252 chip. The issue is that i cannot see any change on the wiper terminal of the chip after writing the 0x01 (RDAC1) & 0x03 (RDAC3) registers with a data bit data between 0 to 255.


whenever i read the 0x01 register i see only 128 always.


connections :


Grounded AD0 & AD1 pins to use i2c slave address as 0x58 for write & 0x59 for read.

A1 is pulled to high & B1 is connected to gnd.


Please anyone help me on this issue.