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Very Low Power SigmaDSP Application With ADAU1761

Question asked by HowardR on Oct 8, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by awalshe

I really like the architecture and features of the ADU1761.  I am looking for a device for a very low power battery application.  Here are some questions reltaed to my application:


  1. It would be really great if the power consumption was even lower and it was possible to run the device at even lower voltages than the min. operating voltages quoted in the data sheet, are the any plans to release lowre voltae/current devices in the family, or maybe widen the operation voltage range (as manufactured device statistics tighten up on conservative epcification limits)?
  2. I am new to these devices.  My research on this site seems to indicate that it is possible to implement DSP algorithms such as filters (IIR or FIR), equalization, AGC etc in the memory of these devices.  Am I correct?
  3. The main feature of my application is an IIR filter in which I will need to customise the coefficients on a unit by unit basis, is this possible with the software development tool available with the SigmaDSP?


Thank you.