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AD9837 SPI Interface issue

Question asked by pawanvulichi on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by LouijieC

hello i am using AD9837 module as slave & nrf52 dk as master. I am connecting




I am not connecting MISO pin & nrf52 dk is a 32 bit processor .

The aim is to generate a 400 Hz output frequency using the AD9833 with a 16 MHz crystal

so i am sending the commands for generating sine wave as follows:

0x0100 (for reset)

0x2100 (for Control Register)

0x5A37 (LSB for generating 400 hz with 16MHZ crystal i.e.,(400*2^28)/(16000000)=0x1A37  by setting D15,D14 pins  to                   0,1 respectively then it is 0x5A37)

0x4000 (MSB by setting D15,D14 pins  to  0,1 respectively remaining all 0's)

0xC000 (for Phase Register 0)

0x2000  (for generating sine wave & Exit Reset)


these are the commands send by nrf_drv_spi_transfer function in nrf52 dk.But it is not generating sine signals I am getting distortion signal.I have a doubt in this commands.Can any one please give me suggestions to resolve my issue.I am attaching my main file also please go through it.