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LVDS clock circuit for AD9780, AD9781 and AD9783

Question asked by xcentric on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2017 by xcentric

I'd like to generate a programmable clock input into the AD9780/81/83 DAC using an LVDS clock source from my FPGA.  I noticed that the DAC sampling clock inputs (CLKP/N) have some special requirements and I wanted to share a possible solution with Engineerzone.


I'm using an LVDS-to-LVPECL buffer (part number MAX9377) to translate my source clock signal to a standard LVPECL differential signal. Then, instead of the (VCC-2V) termination for a standard PECL transmission line, I'm using a simple resistor divider as described in the datasheet to generate a 400mV common mode voltage.  I've attached my circuit diagram to this post.  Can anybody comment on the suitability of this circuit?  Will it work?


Many thanks.

Clocking circuit for AD9780, AD9781 and AD9783