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ADAU1701 I2S output sdata waveform error

Question asked by engH on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by TylerK

Hi all,


I am trying to make sense of the I2S output waveform of ADAU1701.  The SDATA0 line does not show the correct data, or it is not in sync with BCLK.  Given the output value of 111000111000111, each on-time and off-time of the pulse should cover three BCLK pulses, but it covers only one pulse.  I have attached a screenshot (You may need to zoom in for a clear view).  I have also attached screenshots of values 11001100110011 and 1111111111111111, as well as my project file.


My intention is to transfer the signal from ADAU1701 to STM32F407 microcontroller through the former's I2S digital output.