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Bugs in Radioverse

Question asked by Exray on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Exray

Version 2062.


Here are a few notes on bugs I've ran into in RadioVerse.


When loading a custom profile created with Matlab Filter Wizard and generating C script files, its missing a number of Rx structs and has zero values instead of actual values.  So they require hand fixes to work.  Attaching profile used and the myk_init.c it generated.


When a custom filter didn't have a Sniffer Profile configured, after loading it and generated c script files, they were broken because of missing sniffer stuff.  I think anything required missing needs to prevent the user from generating the C script files unless all requirements are met.


When loading the AGC tab, I get an "Unhanded exception has occurred in your application". No values have EVER been changed by me on this tab (I'll switch between Basic and Advanced view, but that's it) despite many fields showing yellow as if they were edited. No values show in red to indicate an illegal value.  So its got incorrect error checking here. I just click Continue and the program doesn't close. Unsure of what badness could be creeping in as a result.


You have instructions that say to generate files like "myk" and others that say "myk_init". So even if you enter "myk" for the file name, the myk.h that gets created contains "myk_init.h".

* \file myk_init.h
* \brief Contains structure definitions for myk_init.c
* The top level structure mykonosDevice_t mykDevice uses keyword
* extern to allow the application layer main() to have visibility
* to these settings.

#ifndef MYK_INIT_H_
#define MYK_INIT_H_

extern mykonosDevice_t mykDevice;