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TEMP_SENS_N to TEMP_SENS_N measurement

Question asked by amf on May 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by mark.ramos


   I have a question about the measurement for MUX_SEL = 0b11010, where TEMP_SENS_N is measured against TEMP_SENS_N (i.e. to measure an offset of the measurement channel).  How is this different than the measurement for MUX_SEL = 0b11000, which measures VBIAS against VBIAS?


    I noticed that in the 4-wire BioImpedance example's calibration of the current measurement, it does *both* of these measurements (don't they give the same answer)?


     Even weirder, the 4-wire BioImpedance example uses the result of the TEMP_SENS_N to TEMP_SENSE_N measurement to set the value in the ADC_OFFSET_TIA calibration register.  What would the measurement of TEMP_SENS_N to TEMP_SENSE_N have to do with the offset of the TIA?  I'm attaching some notes to make my question clearer.


Thank you.