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AD9834BRUZ having max MCLK 50 MHz is mounted with 75 MHz clock? Why?

Question asked by JimBrad on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by musach

Hello everyone,


I would be grateful if somebody could explain does AD9834BRUZ based board can really work at 75 MHz?


According to the ORDERING GUIDE (Rev. D | Page 29 of 32) at

the model AD9834BRUZ has maximal MCLK 50 MHz.


The AD9834CRUZ model should be used for MCLK 75 MHz, is not it?


At the same time the Evaluation Board according the User Guide UG-266 (Rev. A | Page 13 of 16) on Table 2

indicates the model AD9834BRUZ as 75 MHz complete DDS (U1) mounted in with 75 MHz clock oscillator (Y1).


Has somebody an experience how to use AD9834BRUZ based board at 75 MHz?


Thank you in advance.