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AD9648 - DCO clock at startup

Question asked by ValS on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by DougI

We are experiencing an issue that happens quite infrequently (once every few hundred to maybe a thousand power ON cycles) but when it does - the DCO clock coming from the AD9648 is missing (stuck HIGH). The input clock is fed by a Silabs programmable PLL Si5335A (125MHz LVDS) and confirmed within specs, while the DCO output clock drives an FPGA PLL (125MHz single-ended). I've attached a snippet of the schematic which is straightforward. I found that there were a few other users reporting the same issue, but after the initial description all discussions became private (via email). I find this a little suspicious - is there a known issue with this part that must only be discussed privately? Can this not be made available for all other users to read?


ad9648 can't start work 

AD9648 randomly enters unrecoverable broken state at power-up. 

AD9648 goes in deadlock state at initialization 


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