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Change deafult settings on ADF5355 Frequency Synthesizer for Phase-Locked Loops

Question asked by ARoessler on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by MRichardson

I'm currently evaluating the ADF5355 Eval Board. For better frequency stablility we using our own clock providing stable reference of 100 MHz. The default 122.88 MHz are not applicable anymore. I also would like to use a fixed VCO frequency of 12.75 GHz. I'm using the control software to set all these parameters and of course I'm saving these settings in a save file so I can recall/load them after powering up the board.


My question is now can I change the default settings on the board in the way that it matches my settings? My goal is that my settings are applied as soon as the board is powered up and I don't have to load a settings file. Maybe the default settings can be changed through register or so? I don't know and I didn't find a descrioption in the users guide or maybe I've overseen it.


Please let me know if you can change the standard default settings. Thanks!


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