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AD7606-4 Running Hot and Stuck in BUSY

Question asked by tchaya on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by tchaya

I integrated the AD7606-4 into my PCB application and when i started up the board, I noticed that the AD7606-4 was running very hot, even with no signals connected to controller logic. When I finally integrated the AD7606-4 into my firmware and ran it for a few minutes (initiating a new conversion every 1ms), the chip got even hotter and is now permanently stuck in convert mode (BUSY signal is stuck high).


If I assert RESET and hold it high, BUSY goes low, but the chip temperature does not drop. I have not quantified the chip temperature, but it's so hot that I can't keep my finger on it.


I have the EVAL-7606-4 board, and noticed the chip on that board is much cooler than on my board. I'll compare the tow schematics, but wanted to post this question here as well as the schematic of my implementation in case someone can point to something obvious that is wrong with my schematic.