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PRBS Polynomials, Subclass 0 and ILAS retrieval

Question asked by TrevorY on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by gverma

I have a few questions:


1)   We are having issues getting the PRBS generators in the Altera Transceiver Toolkit to synchronize with Mykonos.  Guessing that this is either a signal integrity issue or a polynomial mismatch.  I do not see the polynomials listed for the Mykonos PRBS checker.


For reference these are the polynomials used by the Altera Transceveir Toolkit according to their web-site:

  • PRBS7 = X^7 + X^6 + 1
  • PRBS15 = X^15 + X^14 + 1
  • PRBS23 = X^23 + X^18 + 1
  • PRBS31 = X^31 + X^28 + 1


2)   Is it possible to use Mykonos in subclass 0 mode.  The example design we started with uses subclass 1 with a one-shot SYSREF.  I don't see any reason why we should not be able to set Mykonos to use internal SYSREF, essentially switching to subclass 0.  Can you confirm?  Any settings we need to be particularly concerned with for subclass 0?


3)   How do you get the ILAS data for lanes 1 to 3?  The code only has a macro useful for retrieving ILAS data for lane 0.  For that matter is lane 0 physical lane 0 or LID=0?