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Question about bd.tcl and *.ttcl in HDL libraries

Question asked by oppradhan on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by oppradhan

Hi Folks,

Couple of questions:


Just continuing on with trying to understand the IP packaging procedure used for ad IPs,



i'm wondering what the purpose of the bd.tcl script is. I can see that it is atleast present in the axi_dmac library and gets tacked onto all the file groups in the packager.

However I don't see the procedures defined in this bd.tcl being called from inside any other script. Is this used in some manner during synthesis when this IP is used in a system?



Whats the reason for using a .ttcl (e.g. axi_dmac_constr.ttcl) to define the IP constraints instead of directly including a .xdc in the appropriate file-groups? I can't find any documentation about this .ttcl format at all but can see that it's somehow generating a .xdc of the same name