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HMC960LP4E Circuit Problem

Question asked by eastliver on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by jdobler

Thanks for the answer to my former question.

1、I hate to bother you but when according to the refer circuit, I find that CMI ,CMQ ,the input common mode level and the output common level can achieve 2.5V. When connecting the middle of two divider resistance(5V supply),I see the voltage is 3.3V or 3.5V but not 2.5V. I wonder  whether it is normal or there are some problems.  

 2、Formerly, I obtained the 2.5V from the  2.5V LDO Regulator MIC5245-2.5. But someone told me that the output resistance of the MIC5245-2.5 is small. So the large output current may be beyond the 70mA(HMC960's working current). Is it true?

    Must I obtain the 2.5V from divider resistance or regulator is also OK?jdoblerkaushalstevebJohoDivyaS

    I havegreat honor to wait for your answer!