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AD9265-FMC-125EBZ Clock Options

Question asked by marcomercuri on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by marcomercuri

Dear all,


I'm using the AD9265-FMC-125. I want to control it using the 7030 PicoZed + FMC Carrier Card V2.


The goal is to provide to the AD9265 a clock (somewhere within 10-20 MHz) gerated by the PicoZed. The reason why I need to provide the clock is for synchronization between acquisition and other hardware. In doing so, if I understood well, I might have two options:


1) External passive clock (default);
2) Optional active clock path using the AD9517. 



I should provide this clock throught the SMA connector. How should be this clock signal? AC or DC coupling? Which are the absolute maximum ratings? I cannot find this information.



Can I provide an LVSD clock to the AD9517? This clock is used as reference for the AD9517 to provide a clock to the AD9265. Is that possible?


Which option you suggest me? I guess option1 is the simplest.


Thank you very much.


Best Regards,