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CrossCore Error el2012

Question asked by Cedrikos on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by Cedrikos

Hi there.


I have reopened a project I had developped in CrossCore 2.1.0 months ago.

It used to build successfully. 

I recently installed CrossCore 2.5.1, imported the project, but I got errors like the following : 


[Error el2012]  Duplicate memory name: 'mem_block2_pm32'


And I can't seem to find out why.

Moreover, opening it back in CrossCore 2.1.0, it doesn't build anymore, and gives me the same new error.


Can the new installation of version 2.5.1 have compromised the existing version 2.1.0?


It is possible that this has nothing to do with the new install.

Anyhow, how do I fix this Error?


Thanks a lot,




PS : using the development kit EZ-Kit with ADSP-21489 and SADA2 debugger, if that can matter.