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ADF4159 Eval Ramp Function Bandwidth Issue

Question asked by txw123 on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by dyoung1

Hi, I am rather new to this RF/Microwave PLL frequency synthesizer thing.
I have this ADF4159 Evaluation board Model number: ADF4159EB1Z


Im trying to make a Sweep with bandwidth of at least 3 GHZ.

After many Attempts, I can only get this:

From 5.3 GHZ to 6.5 GHZ.

I cant seems to make it the minimum/maximum frequency any lower/higher.


My setting is attached.

For some reasons, when i am not doing ramps function (just a singular frequency) , I cant output anything lower than 5300 or higher than 6500 MHZ despite putting in the values (e.g if i put VCO output Frequency = 3000MHZ, i will get 5300MHZ or if i put VCO Output Frequency = 7000MHZ, i will get 6500MHZ)

Can any kind souls help me? Thank you very much. Any help will be much appreciated!