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AD9467 +interposer FMC+ LM605 capturing data

Question asked by ccruztorre on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by CsomI

Dear all,

I am working  with the LM605 xilinx, the AD9467 Evaluation Board and the FMC interposer. I have followed the documentation that you provided form the analog devices wiki:

I uploaded the bit file to the FPGA and I have checked a sinusoidal signal using chipscope busplot to see the captured signal. The system is working correctly after checking the messages through tera-term.

But I would like to save all data from the DDR3 512MB to my computer.  In order to print data to the UART terminal, I modified the cf_ad9467_ebz.c including the attached code at the end:


xil_printf("testing DMA acquisition . . . \n\r");
  adc_capture(50000, DDR_BASEADDR);
      rdata = Xil_In32(DDR_BASEADDR+(i*4));
  xil_printf("cleaning up.\r\n");


I performed the project in the following steps:

1)      Using iMPACT, programmed the FPGA with the initial system.bit from XPS provided by the wiki page of analog device

1)      Opened the reference design in XPS. Built netlist and bitstream, then exported to SDK.

2)      Created new “Hello, World!” project in XPS. Replaced contents of helloworld.c with contents of cf_ad9467_elf.c

3)      Built the project (“Debug” configuration. Attempting “Release” as I type this message)

4)      The elf file was built from SDK itself
Then I went to the Project Explorer (left hand side), expanded "sw -> Binaries", I saw the helloworld.elf file. Right click and then "Run As -> Launch on Hardware".

The chipscope was launched and I had a UART terminal ready before you run the software.

The system doesn´t respond and I need to restart the LM605 board due to the chipscope is not working and SDK doesn´t respond.

I am wondering how could I print data to the UART terminal without changes on the bit file.

If I decide to use XMD tool to connect to the FPGA and read the data directly from the memory, I can find an example of a tcl script here. How could I use it in SDK? I need to create elf file and launch to the FPGA?

There is an example of how could I save or print data using an analog device ADC with the LM605?

Thanks in advance