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AD9361 reference linux on VC707 Microblaze doesn't get an IP - LAN interface doesn't work

Question asked by jmueller on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by DragosB

Hello Forum,


I am running the ADI reference Linux on a VC707 Virtex-7 eval board with Microblaze. The system boots up correctly and I can login to the Busybox console via serial interface. However, I cannot obtain a MAC address from the DHCP server in the network. According to the DHCP server's log, there are no requests at all. I also tried a cross cable directly connecting the FPGA board to a PC; however, they could not even ping each other.


Connecting the cable is detected by Linux ("link is up" message), and the LEDs on the Ethernet ports are blinking (1G and RX).


Does anyone have an idea what the reason could be or how to debug the setup?


Thank you very much in advance.


Jan Mueller