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How to design a +-12V output using ADP5070?

Question asked by liubenyuan on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by Fil

Hi, I searched this forum about any post related to adp5070. And I found that if the comp (RC1, CC1, RC2, CC2) and 1L1, 1L2 values are wrongly choose, there is a high possibility that the -Vout goes to 0V.


I am generating +-12V using ADP5070, where a 5V input is used to generate +-13V firstly using ADP5070, and the regulated using LDO to generate +-12V. I am using the values from reference the datasheet, Could you please check whether my design on adp5070 is correct? And in the reference design section of the datasheet ADP5070, the values are different to the one calculated using adp5070 design tools, which one should I trust ?