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Upgrade suggestion for OP484FS in a front end power metering application

Question asked by Dale on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2011 by Dale

I am redesigning a product I made almost 12 years ago that uses the quad OP484FS op-amp for a High Voltage / High Current Power metering front end.


I am hoping to find something that is potentially better or as good but LESS expensive.


My primary concerns are linearity, SNR, Harmonic Distortion.   I will be sampling the measurments with AD1974 ADC's.  My AC signals are 40Hz to 2Khz


I need to reduce the cost of the product, but when using the AD1974 ADC I need to produce a differential input which will require an additional op-amp than I am currently using on my single ended sampling.


I am running the OP484FS with 0 and +5v rails.


I would like to stick with a quad op-amp.



Thank you very much for your suggestions,