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Re: AD9467 FMC + ML605 - Capturing data

Question asked by ccruztorre on May 24, 2017
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Dear all,

I am working  with the LM605 xilinx, the AD9467 Evaluation Board and the FMC interposer. I have followed the documentation that you provided form the analog devices wiki:

I uploaded the bit file to the FPGA and I have checked a sinusoidal signal using chipscope busplot to see the captured signal. The system is working correctly after checking the messages through tera-term. I would like to save all data from the DDR3 512MB to my computer.  Just a quit comment, I suppose I need to develop a custom software for saving data from the Xilinx LM605 FPGA to the PC, right? is the ADI SPI program availability for the AD9467?

I am wondering if I could modify the cf_ad9467_ebz.c file for printing the data captured to the tera-term terminal. In this case, I need to generate the bit file again and upload it to the FPGA.


Thanks in advance