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AD8333 only receive the Carrier on both outputs

Question asked by Chrispy on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by jstaley

Hello (again)
im still struggling to get my AD8333 to work properly.
I try to demodulate Signals, similiar to the ones described in the Datasheet.

When i analyse the Outputs i measure on the one hand my RF Signal and on the other hand a ~108 MHz. These are the most dominant Frequencies.

I also get 4 times the expected frequency differenz (~40kHz). But i only need the frequency different.
My clock is a single ended Sine wave with a frequency of 20 MHz and the RF Signal is a Sine wave too with a frequency of 5,01 MHz.

This Signal is provided to the AD833 by a AD8331 preAmp.
The not used Pins are mostly floating except for the PX pins. For further information i attached the used Schematic.
I tried different Values for the LFP but without any success. With so much frequencies it is hard to select the right frequency in my application so it would be great if someone has an idea what may help to receive a more accurate Signal.

In the configuration i use i would ecpect a 10 kHz Signalfor example.


Kind regards